Dean's Mugshot


Executive design director
Barclays Africa, SA


So you think you’re a hedgehog

Sometimes we think we’re things we are not and these things only hold us back from growing into the fully grown hedgehogs we deserve to be, both as individuals and as teams.

About Dean

Dean is a Designer born & bred in the South African city of Cape Town, from comic book character design to physical learning environments his skillsets are as wide as they are deep.

Currently Executive Design Director at the Barclays Africa Group, Dean and his team strive, through Product & Experience Design, to transform an organisation from financial transaction to human value interaction.

Dean spends his time creating the platform and space for designers to demonstrate their value and elevate the the design conversation in this multi-national bank. What he prides himself on the most though are the humans he get’s to spend his time with.

The rest of the time he's cultivating and contributing to his team culture, believing that every product, experience and change is just a symptom of team culture.

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