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Principal user experience strategist
Cooper, USA


Skills for a fruitful UX design career

One can find plenty of advice out there for learning straightforward skills like using particular applications for creating drawings or writing software code.

But how does one cultivate the whole set of skills that will open up a satisfying career, skills that will last longer than a particular software application or scripting language?

How does one match one's talents to the skills one works to develop? Does it make more sense to specialize as an expert in a particular platform or domain, or to try to be a generalist who works on a range of problems?

We will talk about different kinds of skills, different kinds of careers, and how one cultivates a professional life as a master of the craft of user experience design.

About Jonathan

In a 20+ year career as a user experience designer, Jonathan has worked on products and services in a wide range of domains, from medical records to consumer electronics to software authoring tools to financial planning to computer games.

He has led design teams and worked solo, and served both as an in-house designer and as a consultant. He has spent the bulk of his career consulting through Cooper, which it was the only design studio in the world exclusively dedicated to UX design when he first joined it in the 1990s (though they called UX "interaction design" at the time.)

He has no formal training in design, having entered the field before degree programs in user experience existed.

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