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Working together and working as one

Creating the content and applications that drive our collective online experience requires us to do our best work as individual developers, writers, and architects.

It also requires that we work together as at team. Sometimes those teams are small and sometimes they are large. Sometimes it’s easy to collaborate. Most of the time it is not.

In this talk, Lisa will talk about what it takes to govern the development of what we put online—and how to feel good about it. She will outline the three main dynamics which make collaboration difficult and offer two strategies for overcoming those obstacles.

About Lisa

Lisa Welchman is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, and management consultant, who is a leading pioneer and thought leader in the field of digital governance.

Lisa began her career in digital in Silicon Valley in 1995, coding Web pages for Netscape. She was Program Manager for Web Publishing at Cisco Systems until 1999, when she established WelchmanPierpoint, a consultancy that focused on large website management.

At WelchmanPierpoint, Lisa and her team conducted web operations management and governance projects and developed the first structured methodology for assessing digital governance maturity. Lisa’s book, Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design, was published by Rosenfeld Media in February of 2015.

Currently, Lisa consultants with clients and conducts workshops and master classes that focus on improving communications and work conditions of digital workers in large enterprises.

Lisa’s current research focus centers around defining and emplacing the ethical guardrails that are essential in a globally-networked world. Lisa speaks internationally on issues related to digital governance, the rise of the information age, and the role of the information worker.

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